Cestone Golf Academy Open


1. Players have unlimited attempts to obtain her/his best score. Only their best score is visible on the leaderboard(s).

2. To be part of the competition, players must upload their score(s) to the leaderboard immediately after finalizing the Combine test.

3. A TrackMan Combine can be performed on natural grass and synthetic mats, but only outdoors, including grass or outdoor bays, as long as every stroke has a full ball flight.

4. A TrackMan Combine score cannot be adjusted for error measurements, nor can any shots be deleted. This includes misreads and non-tracked shots.

5. There is only one winner per event. If two or more professional players have tied scores, a backward countdown comparison from shot 60 (last shot) is executed until the player with the most points on a given shot is found. Should one or several amateurs tie for a win, the full amateur prize is granted (for all).

6. Scores count from the date the Combine test is performed (and not the day it’s uploaded to the leaderboard), so make sure to upload immediately after the Trackman Combine is completed. Cut off date for the monthly winner score is the last day of each month at midnight, UTC.

7. Winners are noticed at the beginning of the next calendar month.

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100% of the prize fund collected monthly will be paid out.

Cestone Golf Academy
Westchase Golf Course

Email mcestone@cestonegolf.com

Join our Cestone Golf Academy TrackMan Combine challenge and compete for monthly prizes.

What is TrackMan Combine?

Who can join

Anyone. Any status (amateur and professional), male or female, young or old, everyone is invited to compete. Join today!

What’s a Combine?

The TrackMan Combine is a standardized test that not only enables you to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your golf game, but also allows amateurs and professional alike to compete on an even level.

This is how it works

You shoot a total of sixty shots towards ten different targets, starting with 60 yards wedge shots, ending with your driver. To spice things up, you hit three shots at each target incrementally over two rounds.


You hit three shots in a row to distances of 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 yards and driver, where after you repeat it. Each shot equates to a score from 0-100 points, where 100 is the optimal or best possible score.

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How to join

Call and book a time.  Pay the fee of $40.00.  $10.00 of the fee goes into the prize fund.

It typically takes 30-45 minutes to perform a TrackMan Combine.

You will also be entered in the TrackMan Open , hosted by TrackMan, where you can compete for a total purse of USD 40,000 with monthly prizes of USD 5,000 and an overall high score prize of USD 10,000*.